Album Review: Curtains For You, After Nights Without Sleep


Fifty seconds into the second track of After Nights Without Sleep, Seattle pop quintet Curtains For You‘s newest release, lead singer Matt Gervais belts the song’s title: “What good am I to you now?”, and the band follows up with a vibrant guitar interlude that makes you bounce in your chair. All of this captures the what makes After Nights Without Sleep so good: catchy music with a smart edge.

Throughout the album, Curtains For You continually matches hook-laden pop with emotionally sensitive lyrics. Mixing a bit of Beatles, Beach Boys, Ben Folds, Queen, and a lot of Harry Nilsson, the band’s sound is both jovial and infectious. Yet, Gevais’s lyrics give each song a new depth. An undercurrent of ache and awareness and significance resonates throughout the album. While pop is often hastily generalized as shallow and superficial, Curtains For You breaks the mold, adding substance to surface. After Nights Without Sleep pulls off being both catchy and intelligent.

All in all, there’s not much to dislike about Curtains For You. Their music makes you think about their lyrics just as much as it makes you bounce your knee in time with their music.  Plus what college kid can’t relate to an album title like After Nights Without Sleep?

“What Good Am I To You Now?” – Curtains For You

– Sue Marie Breden, host of Bad Attendance Good Intentions, Thursdays 10-11am EST on WGTB.


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