Playlist: Columbus Day


After watching the reenactment you may be wondering how to spend your Columbus Day. Click through for our Columbus Day playlist, and please think of it as a narrative to guide your reflection on what you have just seen.

Leave us your best ideas on how to connect the dots of this narrative in the comments!

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Acting: Igor German
Filming: Tiare Dunlap
Editing: Catherine DeGennaro and Tiare Dunlap
Playlisting: Tiare Dunlap

4 Responses

  1. Tom Kelly

    As far as genocidal epidemics and violent conquests go, I think Columbus might have preferred “Heroes and Villains” as the Beach Boys song. Otherwise, the only other historical inaccuracy would be that nobody back then would look as good with a handlebar mustache as Igor does here.

  2. Catherine

    In retrospect, it would’ve been fantastic if we filmed the Columbus sections pre-shave.

    Also, I appreciate the Kathy references in America.

  3. Tad

    I don’t know, Catherine. I was really impressed by the authentic 15th century facial hair. As well as the 15th century mobile computation device.

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