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Between bussing tables , studying for the MCAT, and taking classes, I have barely had time to actually sit down and actively listen to music. During the few chances I have had, however, I have discovered some great songs, both old and new. Here a list of music I recommend you check out:

“Further On” – Bronze Radio Return

Bronze Radio Return is a folk-rock, revival-rock, roots-rock, sextet from Hartford, Connecticut. The group recently released its third album, Up, On & Over. Featured here is “Further On”, the third song off the new album, and one of my favorites. Listen to the song below, as well as “Shake, Shake, Shake” from the group’s sophomore album Shake! Shake! Shake!, released in 2011.


“Too Many Lies”- The Futures League

The Futures League is a Los Angeles/Orange County — I might be slightly biased because of this — based band that played at this year’s SXSW and has been featured on Fender’s website.

“Sweater Weather” – The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood (yes, that is neighbourhood with a ‘u’; WordPress keeps telling me that I am spelling neighborhood incorrectly), is a alternative rock quintet from Newbury Park, California. The group released its latest album, I Love You., via Columbia Records in April- I know this means it is not a summer release, but I did not discover it until a few weeks ago.

“Varsity”- Smith Westerns

A well written song by a great band; not much needs to be said.

“You” – Gold Panda

Who doesn’t love pandas? Especially gold ones. Gold Panda is an electronica, folktronica (it makes me happy to know this is an actual genre given my show’s name is Hardly Strictly Folk) music producer from the United Kingdom. He released his latest album, Half of Where You Live, last month. “You”, however, is off his album, Lucky Shiner, released in 2010.


“Unbelievers” – Vampire Weekend

This was probably the easiest song to ‘discover’, if you would like to call it that. Not much needs to be said about Vampire Weekend. That being said, this particular song, “Unbelievers”, has some pretty heavy themes included in it.


“Around the Block”- Pretty Lights feat. Talib Kweli

Pretty Lights is an electronic artist who was recently featured on Conan.


“Painful Like” – Austra

If you’re a fan of 80’s new wave, you might enjoy this track. Lead singer, Katie Stelmanis, also happens to sound like a mix of Bjork and Florence.


“Stay” – Beach Day

Yet another song to enjoy while sitting on a beach in California. If you’re a fan of 60’s surf pop and garage rock, check out this track.

“Alive”- Empire of the Sun

Another song that wasn’t too hard to ‘discover’ but is still a perfect summer song. Fun fact: I was just at the shoot location (Bryce Canyon National Park) shown at the beginning of the music video. So bonus points for that.


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