Playlist: Not “Ignition Remix”

Walk into a Georgetown party.  Hear “Ignition Remix.”  Repeat every weekend. I am convinced that R. Kelly continues to make his living solely from the number of plays he gets from this campus. If, like me, the lyrics are no longer hopping fresh out the kitchen for you, this playlist may provide you with some much needed relief in what I like to call the “chill party hits.” Heavy on smooth electronics and jams you can vibe to, it will surely get you jazzed for an evening out. Enjoy!



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Lilly Jones

Lilly Jones

Lilly is a junior in the College from Arkansas studying Biology of Global Health. Like a good Southerner, she has a deep appreciation for sweet tea and all musical genres except Country. She ranks The 1975, Grouplove, and Odesza as some of her favorite shows.

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