Preview: Skullcrusher @ DC9 11/11

This coming Friday, November 11 at 7:30, look forward to experiencing in person the magic of Skullcrusher. Skullcrusher? It’s an unusual name for the gentle, almost ethereal indie folk music of this band headed by Helen Ballentine, but that gentleness is not the whole picture either. In Skullcrusher’s debut full-length album “Quiet the Room,” Ballentine has captured the essence of two typically conflicting forces in music: the soft, human touch of authentic acoustic sound and a harsher, foreign feeling of heavier production. By using ambient sounds and distortion, Ballentine’s music gives the sense that all is not quite what it appears to be—without fully communicating that which is hidden within those depths. At the band’s first live show after the release of this album at the DC9 Nightclub, I hope to see this enigmatic aspect of Skullcrusher’s lovely music myself, and I hope some of you will too.

Purchase tickets to the show here.

Written by Thomas Sims.


  • Sarah Mathys

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