Recap: DJs Old and New Reunite at AlumLive


After the Homecoming tailgate on Saturday, a very special event took place in Bulldog Alley– AlumLive, the first reunion of WGTB DJs from throughout the station’s history. DJs from the 1960s to the present took the stage to share powerful stories of their time at WGTB and what it meant to them. Along the back wall, an exhibit displayed our huge collection of archives, including original FCC licenses, internal memos regarding the station shut-down, and playlists from different decades. I think I speak for everyone that attended when I say it was a very meaningful and moving atmosphere, bringing our WGTB community closer even across generations, celebrating our common experience. In case you missed it, here is a video recap of the stories they shared and a slideshow of pictures to catch you up.

Many thanks to all of those who took the stage to speak, and those who donated archival material. Royal Stokes sent a box of archives in advance, which were present in the exhibit, and the alums presented two vintage WGTB bumper stickers to the station. Geri Pizzi also gifted the station the newest CD by GTB alum Greg Barrett, who could not attend, and former G.M. Ken Sleeman donated 100+ hours of recorded, digitized shows (no more reel-to-reel!)

We hope this is only the beginning of our relationship with our alumni base and that it will continue to flourish as more current DJs connect with their unique and compelling history. There is a student-made documentary in the works on the subject, and we will keep you updated on that when it is completed. Thanks, finally, to you readers, who are as much a part of WGTB as anyone who’s been on the air or behind the scenes. If you would like to join our email listserv and are not a DJ, you can join our Alumni listserv here (even if you never DJ’d, we’ll use it to keep you updated): JOIN HERE

Check out the video below to get a full sense of what it was like, and the slideshow as well!

Photo Credits: Catherine DeGennaro
Video: Caroline Klibanoff

5 Responses

  1. Tom

    I miss. You guys. SOO much! Sorry I couldn’t make it down! (Is that a new cart I see? Yes it is!)

  2. Igor

    seriously, it blows my mind how huge and successful this all was. don’t know how it was all put together, but i’m all the more impressed.

    and i miss tom

  3. Sunshine

    i’m a little late on this, but i’m LOLing at Tom’s cart comment.


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