Review: Savaging Spires, Savaging Spires

Listening to Savaging Spires’ debut album was an experience akin to picking up a secret radio signal that no one knows about. The music is plenty eerie and atmospheric enough, and when I googled their name to find out more about them, not much came up. Not only does Savaging Spires’ not have a Wikipedia entry, but I also read somewhere that they are intentionally keeping a low profile perhaps to propagate their mysterious image. According to their Facebook page, Savaging Spires is a band “originally from the Midlands – but now scattered around the country.” Midlands is a traditional name for England’s central area.

Their acidic, experimental, almost goth folk is made mostly by wooden instruments and interlaced with pagan chants and a dreamy male, female vocals. I found myself fascinated by this eclectic combination, but the album does not offer much variety and the originally innovative tunes become rather repetitive.

Savaging Spires’ album is basically like a musical variant of a David Lynch movie set in a deserted forest. Dark, weird, almost surreal, and organic. Enjoyable if you are into obscure weirdness, but boring and creepy to the casual audience. Their songs are most suitable for listening by yourself on a slow evening perhaps with a bottle of wine, which might seem rather depressing, but darkly romantic, which is exactly what Savaging Spires is about.

— Soo Suh

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