Video: Dawes at the Wave House


Before heading to the Rock & Roll Hotel for their concert with Vetiver and Peter Wolf Crier, L.A. indie rock quartet Dawes drove to 37th and O St, SE ready to play some guitar and sing some songs. When they looked around at the abandoned cul-de-sac in Anacostia and discovered that Georgetown University is located at 37th and O NW (a mistake every Georgetown student’s parents have undoubtedly made at least once), they hopped in their tour van and drove back across town.

30 minutes later, when they arrived in front of the prim and proper Georgetown gates, Dawes flattened out their flannel, wiped off their aviators, and performed a two-song set in the alley behind the Wave House. With just an acoustic guitar, lead singer Taylor Goldsmith, his younger brother—the band’s drummer—Griffin, and keyboardist Alex Casnoff serenaded O Street NW with the updated Crosby, Stills & Nash-esque harmonies of “Gimme Time” and “If I Wanted Someone.”

By the time they finished, even the suit-wearing square who’d been yelling into his cell phone on the stoop five feet away throughout the performance approached them with a business card and an offer to play at his “black tie” event. Dawes’s hefty tour schedule for the next month might take precedence over the offer, but fortunately WGTB got them on tape so you can listen to these guys harmonize like a shaggy barbershop trio whenever you please.

Camera + Crew: Emma Forster and Ben Wormald

Edits: Emma Forster and Igor German

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