Artist to Watch: Morningsiders

In the wake of their viral hit “Empress,” Morningsiders have been penning the next great American novel. Which is to say – a full-length album, recorded between tour dates and turnpikes, back in their hometown of New York City. Capable of everything from atmospheric jams to authentic Americana, this upcoming album will also emphasize Morningsider’s pop sensibilities, without ever quite crossing that pop-threshold. All while remaining committed to their signature instrumentation: bass, drums, guitar, trumpet, the occasional piano, and that virtuosic fiddle.

Morningsiders are a band you wish could always be experienced live – given how earnestly their recordings capture a certain mood and energy – which speaks to the years they spent perfecting their craft on Columbia’s campus. Friday night’s show in North Bethesda, in addition to old favorites and new selections off unfocus, included covers of an unsung gem “Osaka In the Rain” (Matt the Electrician) and an unbelievably powerful rendition of Stevie Nick’s “Wild Heart.” Magnus Ferguson’s vocals and the band’s dynamic range exceeded any and all expectations.

Thank goodness for that fortuitous Manhattan blizzard – which brought Reid Jenkins and Magnus Ferguson together for one of Columbia’s pre-orientation programs that had in fact been canceled on account of the weather. Since then, they’ve brought us their own particular brand of cheeky folk, with a romantic sensibility, and we look forward to hearing what comes next.

Be sure to see them on Monday November 16th where they’ll be opening for Red Wanting Blue at Jammin Java.


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