Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 AM Awkward Silence Play It By Ear Discovery Hertz Burger Babes Mac ‘n Cheese Sketchy Gretchen Starship Mechanics
10:00 AM STD: Sophia and Tim Discussions Stories Behind the Rhyme The Drop Space Jams soup. no crackers Could Be Worse Days of the Week
12:00 PM Alt. Fax Hoyastar Hip Hop Gold Soundz Talking Around the Pond Chunks of Funk Beat & Greet Connecting the Dots
2:00 PM Compost The Cut Discs & Discourse Hoya Huddle Simple Syrup Is This Thing On? The Gentleman from Missouri Has the Floor
4:00 PM The Hike Chilltop on the Hilltop Top Thirty Two Girls One Show Soundtracks Hey Gaydio Conspiracy Theories
6:00 PM Under the Radar The Lazy Square Ups The Shamrocking Annee Lyons & the Oxford Commas Jörgetown Contrasts (parentheses)
8:00 PM SXNV Chillmatic Collateral Jamage Desiderata Burnt Toast Blasian Persuasion Triple Play
10:00 PM BuffaloSauce Music for Barred Out Dogs SuperChillin Are We Human or Are We Dancer? No Signal Hey, Man! Alternative Blues
12:00 AM Annie & Connor’s Wild Ride The Graveyard Milk and Honey Fourplay Emily and Morgan, If You Will Ghost Ship La Hora del Pueblo


Kimmy Schlafly, Arianna Calabarese, Adrienne Taylor, Charlotte McCary

We’re the (parentheses) girls!

Alt. Fax

Sam Joslin

Alternative Blues

Jeremy Silas, Kevin Cartigan, James Nutter

Annee Lyons and the Oxford Commas

Annee Lyons, Catherine Summa

From the people who brought you last week’s show, join Annee Lyons and the Oxford Commas back at it again. Get on board for a two-hour musical journey where we follow only one rule: keep moving forward. From Gregorian chant to gospel, Mozart to Moobahton, this show’s got it all!

Annie & Connor’s Wild Ride

Annie Fraser, Connor Eichenwald

Are We Human or Are We Dancer?

Melissa Frazee, Hannah Fratt

Awkward Silence

Anne Paglia

Beat & Greet

Paige Bradley, Yijin Yang

Blasian Persuasion

Alvin Huang, Zach Currie


Sawyer Judge, Chris Multerer

Burger Babes

Jessie Powers, Madeline Klineman

Burnt Toast

Roman Kosarzycki, Marco Garcia

DJ’s Roman and Marco will take you on a musical journey. We take a popular song from today and compare it to an artist’s earlier work. The evolution, de-evolution, or stagnation of an artist over time can be pretty crazy sometimes. We cover a wide variety of musical genres; from jazz to rock. We hope to inhabit your ears once a week on Burnt Toast.


Paul Henderson

A show about everything hip-hop, new and old, upbeat and chill, proven and experimental. Every week’s show comes with a different theme, and a recently released Song of the Week. Tune in with DJ Jocko Henderson II and get C H I L L M A T I C!

Chilltop on the Hilltop

Lily Steinberg

Chunks of Funk

Anthony Lioon, Russell Guertin

Collateral Jammage

Tom Garzillo, Stephen Yaeger

Tune in to Collateral Jammage with Tom and Stephen for a mix of the best new and old rap, alt rock, electronic and much more. Everything from deep tracks to the biggest hits, as well as the latest in music news, concerts and upcoming releases.


Caroline Immroth

Compost is a mix of lots of styles of music from different eras, mixed up together. It’s a little alternative, just like compost itself, and definitely influenced by this DJ’s Portland upbringing, where compost is the norm. This show hopes to bring some Portland weirdness and cool variety to the Georgetown airwaves.

Connecting the Dots

KC Maloney, Ahmed Latif, Walter LeDuy

Connecting the Dots is about all of the connections we find in music. In our show, each song will somehow be linked with the last. We seek to tie together various artists, producers, songs, and albums in order to bring the listener on a journey through a wide range of music.

Conspiracy Theories

Lucas Chan

Anecdotal comedy and great music from your typical Georgetown student: an Asian from California. Listen to Lucas rant about bluegrass and sports – fun and cringe worthy stories + puns to follow!


Michael White, Gilbert Saldaña, Emilio Joubert

Eclectic and diverse music for everyone.

Could Be Worse

Tray Donohue, Ian Scholer

The Cut

Joshua Davis, Declan Kelly

the cut (n) a. Out of Sight b. Your own place of relaxation. Hours of procrastination tearing in and out of music blogs have led to days of scraping through the deep depths of Soundcloud. Here we stand watching the years pass by and our archives of music growing larger and larger. It’s about time we share some of our favorites with the world. This is our place of relaxation, take a seat and come chill with us in the cut.

Days of the Week

John Monday

Hello and welcome to Days of the Week! Days of the Week is a weekly radio show featuring DJ Johnny Monday where we play the tuniest tunes, have the laughiest laughs, and kick back from a tumultuous week. This a show where we take a break from the daily Gtown grind (sleeping, thinking about but not actually doing any homework, netflixing) to play some great music (at least I think it’s great) and to talk about all the funny stuff that happens all around us every single day. Many musical genres are played and many good times will be had. There are zany guests every week that join DJ Johnny Monday on a rollercoaster of goofs, gaffs, and diddies, so tune in!


Peter Hogan

An exploration of the sonic lineage from which artists create–whether looking back at their inspiration, forward at their impact, or around at their contemporaries.

Discovery Hertz

Sabrina Gugliuzza, Susanna Herrmann

This show aims to introduce people who would otherwise listen to top 40 music to similar sounds by lesser known artists. It will include many different genres and commentary on songs.

Discs and Discourse

Cody Reid-Dodick, Amir Ferry

In Discs and Discourse, Amir Ferry and Cody Reid-Dodick seek to fuse their two most disparate passions: music and politics. Born out of late night conversations lamenting the inundation of opinion and information in politics as well as music, this show seeks to simplify both the discourse as well as the jams. Splicing honest talk about how current issues affect our developing worldviews with the sweet release of good tunes, Amir and Cody turn music and politics from distant cousins to comfy bedfellows. With discourse ranging from Georgetown student involvement to foreign policy, and discs running the gamut of folk to electronica, the show will offer a refreshing spin. Sit back and enjoy.

The Drop

Kosi Ndukwe, Fax Victor

Emily and Morgan, If You Will

Emily Paciulla, Morgan Zeiss


Virginia Glick

The Gentleman From Missouri Has the Floor

Matthew Trunko

Ghost Ship

Rachel Linton

Gold Soundz

Matt Donovan

Have you pondered if Krist Novoselic might actually be a neo-Christ? Do you care to know the style impetus behind Michael Stipe’s 1985 Friar Tuck-esque monk’s tonsure? Join me as I wade into indie-rock minutiae and history–friends will be dying to know what you’ve learned! I will also play songs.

The Graveyard

John McMahon, Tanner Garrity, Max Capizzi

Hey Gaydio

Margaret Hoberg

Hey, Man!

Owen Moore, Cole Trudo

The Hike

Alex Bernauer

Hoya Huddle

Dan Baldwin

Hoyastar Hip Hop

Chris Mills

Is This Thing On?

Jack Thorman


Hugh MacKay, Miller Bartosz, Robert Kem

Hugh, Miller, and ROB assemble once a week to discuss entertainment, politics, and sports. We will share our opinions on films, shows, performers, sports, politics, and the comedy industry and even get into analyzing very important issues like climate change or the obscure list of world records held by Bear Grylls (first person to circumnavigate the UK on a Jet Ski??) through a comedic lens. Rob will get angry. Tangents will be followed. We may also have the occasional comedian, filmmaker, writer, or foremost authority on quicksand as a guest on the show.

La Hora del Pueblo

MJ Nebreda

The Lazy Square Ups

Jack Price, Jack Sardinia, Harry Sardinia

Mac ‘n Cheese

Rachel Eshelman, Madeline Taub

Milk and Honey

Vance Vaughan, Mackenzie Foy

Music for Barred Out Dogs

Jack Cashmere, Thomas Stewart

Good Music. Weird Music. Good Weird Music. “The greatest college radio show of all time” – Jesse Owens

No Signal

Jack Dudley, Jonathan Thrall, Joshua Ward

Play It By Ear

Sabrina Landegger, Catherine Cral, Charlotte Moore

The Shamrocking

Diamond Wakim

Simple Syrup

Christian Belcher, Carly Gameson, Eusebio Mujal

Sketchy Gretchen

Austin Corona


Kevin Berning, Brian Damerau

soup. no crackers.

James Abate, Raul Paez

Space Jams

Toria Sullivan

Ever wonder what Bill Murray jams out to in his spare time? Or what tracks pumped up Michael Jordan and inspired him to conquer the MonStars? Yeah, ditto, but it can’t be too far off from the rad selections of indie/rock/alt/pop you can hear on Space Jams.* Be like Mike: Tune in and join the Tune Squad.

Starship Mechanics

Charles Wathieu, Lancelot Wathieu, Jack Wathieu

STD: Sophia & Tim Discussions

Sophia Busam, Timothy Ring

Stories Behind the Rhyme

Juliet Ivanov, Precious Blalock, Jameela Sylla


Alex Lubeck, Perry Budd

SuperChillin is a talk/music radio show about modern music culture, including many different genres. Each week we perform a prepared segment on an artist, a piece of work, and/or how the public responded to that work. We will also discuss our own opinions on the artist or work.


Sarah Mathys, Daniel Marshall

Bringing southern rock jams and indie vibes to the Northeast, this Austinite (and a rando from DC) are playing every great artist you’ve never heard of. Tune in weekly to South by Northern Virginia and feel like a native of the music capital of the world.

Talking Around the Pond

George Ferridge

Top Thirty

Maxi Wittig

Triple Play

Richie Sekerak, Matt Halchak, Kevin Mikovits

A debate style sports talk show covering everything from Georgetown to the NFL to Premier League Soccer, broken up with a mix of good music from the 80s, 90s, and today. Tune in for some lively discussion and music for fans of all generations.

Two Girls One Show

Ellie Yaeger, Emily Troisi

Under the Radar

Max Kim, Miranda Reid

Returning for a fifth semester, DJs Max Kim and Miranda Reid bring you Under the Radar, a talk and music show where we bring you songs, facts, and events on campus that you may not have heard about.