Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 AM The Wave Discovery Hertz Eclectic Boogaloo STDs I Found It at a Thrift Store Days of the Week Emily & Morgan, If You Will
10:00 AM Are These Things On? Diamond Wakim Jams with Jam Sunday in the Park with Georgetown Backbeat The Gentleman from Missouri Has the Floor A JESUZ Remix
12:00 PM Let’s Break Up Boy & Girl Underground Alliance Beside the River Thames Chunks of Funk Conspiracy Theories Beats, Rhymes, and Ball
2:00 PM Mac ‘n Cheese Deep Cuts Ivy-Less GenOne Could Be Worse Música para los Muertos Annee Lyons and the Oxford Commas
4:00 PM Hey Man! Robmon1029 Do It for the Culture Vibes Cartel Radio The Lazy Square Ups Connecting the Dots The Drop
6:00 PM Chillmatic Fourplay Under the Radar Jörgetown Burnt Toast Contrasts Everything Goes
8:00 PM SXNE The Hike Desiderata The Monarchy Broadway Baby Blasian Persuasion Collateral Jammage
10:00 PM BuffaloSauce Play It by Ear The Future is Femme Trash Talk mp(3)m Molly & the Percocets Rimmed Glass Hats
12:00 AM Tresslar Talk Soundtracked Annie & Connor’s Wild Ride Insert Name Here The HITz Better than Burnett’s La Hora del Pueblo
2:00 AM Don’t Sleep On Jazz Black Coffee and Black Flag


Erica Zeng

Music from all over the world.

Annee Lyons and the Oxford Commas

Annee Lyons, Quentin Auster, Jack Thiemel, Catherine Summa

From the people who brought you last week’s show, join Annee Lyons and the Oxford Commas back at it again. Get on board for a two-hour musical journey where we follow only one rule: keep moving forward. From Gregorian chant to gospel, Mozart to Moobahton, this show’s got it all!

Annie & Connor’s Wild Ride

Annie Fraser, Connor Eichenwald

An odyssey through the bickering minds of Annie and Connor – a truly wild ride.

Everything Goes

Rhiannon Catalano

Are you one of those people who likes every genre of music? If so Everything Goes is the radio show for you! Everything Goes is comprised of every genre of music, from classic rock, to alternative, to country. The Rolling Stones, Luke Bryan, The Black Keys, and Eminem can all be played within the same hour. Not only will you hear old favorites, but you will also discover new artists and upcoming concerts.

Are These Things On?

Jack Thorman, Will Leo

Same show, double the fun! Every week we invite on a person to share their musical tastes and give us all a perspective on music we may not have heard before. We believe that all music is valuable, but unfortunately it is easy to become trapped in our musical bubbles as taste and circumstance direct us towards music we have already listened to.


Jessie Powers

Named after the rhythmic accentuation on even beats that characterizes rock and roll, Backbeat explores the origins and history of rock and roll from Elvis to Nirvana and everything in between.

Beats, Rhymes and Ball

Chris Mills

Beats, Rhymes and Ball will aim to cover interesting news stories (beats), share and dissect rap and other music (rhymes), and delve into the world of basketball (ball).

Beside the River Thames

Alex Finkelstein

This show grants the people what they have been craving for, with a mix of classic and modern British rock music and talk about the goings on of European politics. We will also explore the wacky world of sports with weekly updates on European football and rugby as well as any other strange happenings across the pond. Each show will have a special focus on a specific European country and its own peculiar goings on.

Better than Burnett’s

Mac Dressman, Megan Shapiro, Eunice Jeong

Dope music from a different region every week. Tune in for deep cuts from all genres, along with strong opinions on music and alternative cultural vibes.

Black Coffee & Black Flag

Aurora Johnson, Michelle Martin

Do you hate everything except for angsty songs about hating everything? Then this is the WGTB show for you! Listen to us play punk, metal, grunge, and other angry music that your parents would yell at you to turn down from downstairs.

Blasian Persuasion

Alvin Huang, Taj Currie

Only the best mix of old-school and new-school rap music, along with commentary on recent events and releases.

Boy & Girl

Lilly Jones & Jack McGuire

The show is as simple as the name. A boy and a girl who love music and want to share their best finds with the masses. Expect friendly banter, weekly debriefs, and abroad stories that haven’t been told yet. Tune in for a fun little break from the monotonous glare into your Lau cubicle filled with all your alt-electro faves!

Broadway Baby

Paulina Enck

Broadway Baby is a show for anyone and everyone who enjoys theatre and its music. Each episode has a theme, be it great act one finales or powerful opening numbers, romantic duets or powerful solos. Some episodes will follow a particular composer, others a performer. Throughout, there is some discussion on each of the songs.


Sawyer Judge, Chris Multerer

A show for all senses – Chris and Sawyer are back to bring more flavorful conversation and tasty tunes to the Georgetown radio nation. We’ve decided our sauce pantry is starting to look pretty empty, so this semester we’re moving to the spice rack to bring you shows themed by your favorite spices. We’ll bring you folk music with ground mustard, 70s acoustic with a dash of paprika, love songs with sweet vanilla, and classic rock with chili powder, to name a few. Stay tuned for our lively conservation segments and learn about the weekly spice that brings those ingredients together. Music has never been so delectable.

Burnt Toast

Alexander Garcia, Roman Kosarzycki

DJs Roman and Marco will take you on a musical journey. We take a popular song from today and compare it to an artist’s earlier work. The evolution, de-evolution, or stagnation of an artist over time can be pretty crazy sometimes. We cover a wide variety of musical genres; from jazz to rock. We hope to inhabit your ears once a week on Burnt Toast.


Paul Henderson

Two hours of everything hip-hop, including music, news, background, and opinions. Every week’s show comes with a different theme, built around a recently-released Song of the Week. Tune in with DJ Jocko Henderson II to catch a vibe, and hopefully learn something too.

Chunks of Funk

Anthony Lioon, Russell Guertin

DJ Funkytonez and DJ Big Birdeez flare up the flux capacitor to bring some sweet, sweet funky stuff to your ear drums. Just the right amount of pillow talk from Tonez and politics from Big Bird. You will never tune out mid song because we will find you if you do. Enjoy!

Collateral Jammage

Tom Garzillo, Stephen Yaeger

Tune in to Collateral Jammage with Tom and Stephen for the seventh season of a mix of the best new and old rap, alt rock, electronic and much more. Everything from deep tracks to the biggest hits, as well as the latest in music news, concerts and upcoming releases.

Connecting the Dots

KC Maloney, Ahmed Latif, Walter LeDuy

Connecting the Dots is about all of the connections we find in music. In our show, each song will somehow be linked with the last. We seek to tie together various artists, producers, songs, and albums in order to bring the listener on a journey through a wide range of music.

Conspiracy Theories

Lucas Chan, Kathleen Hopkins

Anecdotal comedy and great music from your typical Georgetown student: an Asian from California. Listen to Lucas rant about bluegrass and sports – fun and cringe worthy stories + puns to follow! If Will Byers can find a way to communicate to his mom through Christmas lights, you guys should definitely be able to listen in to us.


Michael White, Gilbert Saldaña, Emilio Joubert

Eclectic and diverse music for everyone.

Could Be Worse

Tray Donohue

Could Be Worse is best described by what it is not. It is not a feel-good musical experience. It is not a gritty post-modern look into the unknown. Whatever it is, through all its cynical optimism, it probably could be worse.

Days of the Week

John Monday

Hello and welcome to Days of the Week! Days of the Week is a weekly radio show featuring DJ Johnny Monday where we play the tuniest tunes, have the laughiest laughs, and kick back from a tumultuous week. This a show where we take a break from the daily Gtown grind (sleeping, thinking about but not actually doing any homework, netflixing) to play some great music (at least I think it’s great) and to talk about all the funny stuff that happens all around us every single day. Many musical genres are played and many good times will be had. There are zany guests every week that join DJ Johnny Monday on a rollercoaster of goofs, gaffs, and diddies, so tune in!

Deep Cuts

Brian Damerau

We cut deep. All music is good. We play what we think is great.


Peter Hogan

An open format show with particular emphasis on house, techno, disco, soul, and other forms of dance music.

Diamond Wakim

Diamond Wakim

Take a break with me every week and spend time listening to new artists, about cool news updates, and with awesome guest stars.

Discovery Hertz

Susanna Herrmann, Sabrina Gugliuzza

This show aims to introduce people who would otherwise listen to top 40 music to similar sounds by lesser known artists. It will include many different genres and commentary on songs. We play pairs: one well known and popular song followed by two others that have a similar theme or sound.

Do It for the Culture

Ojus Jain, Seth Brown

Hip hop is culture. Born out of unheard voices, hip-hop has gone from an expression of culture to culture itself. Join Seth Brown and Ojus Jain as they explore hip-hop culture through the lens of both old and new productions. Each week, we will feature an industry-defining album, discuss the artist(s), influences, and reflect on its broader cultural impact. Join us, to “do it for the culture”

Don’t Sleep on Jazz

Andrew Crane, Caroline Gardner

Some people might say jazz is back (perhaps in a big way), while some might claim it never left. Regardless, the Georgetown community could use a little bit of jazz — 2 hours per week to be specific — in their lives. With Crane’s almost A in jazz history, Caroline’s long list of artists from her grandparents, and their just-awkward-enough-to-be-kinda-funny dynamic, DSonJ will be laying out the jazz, from classics to modern influences, bringing the genre to the common Hoya.

The Drop

Kosi Ndukwe, Fax Victor

The Drop is Georgetown’s Breakfast Club except better and more woke. We got our third eyes open, thanks to PRO ERA, and we were at least Two Chainz.

Eclectic Boogaloo

Cameron Beene, Jeremy Canfield

Tune in to hear roommates force their broad, tangled music tastes on each other and their listeners. Bach back-to-back with 2Pac and everything in between are featured on the show. Tunes are seasoned with (semi)intelligent commentary or a choice selection of thoughts that happen to float through our cranial cavity each week.

Emily and Morgan, If You Will

Emily Paciulla, Morgan Zeiss

Continue following Emily and Morgan on their journey of self discovery as they analyze the current political climate, global warming, and the imminent threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria. We can’t promise that we will speak intelligently about these topics, but we can guarantee it will be entertaining. (also, follow us on instagram @emilyandmorganiyw)


Virginia Glick, Monica Cho

We play songs based around the theme of “four,” with a new theme each week, whether it’s four word song titles or four member artists or “fo(u)r” in the title.

The Future is Femme

Taylor Davis, Jessica Frankovich

Tired of having your humanity ignored? Irritated by the white guy that won’t stop talking over you in your discussion section? Have you been to one too many parties where The Chainsmokers were played? We’ve got the show for you. “The Future is Femme” hosted by Jess (@2004UNCLE) and Taylor (@BLACCSAPPHO) is a show by women and femmes for women and femmes. Every week we’ll deliver you a fresh 2-hour mix of music by badass women. We’re taking this show as an opportunity to showcase emerging artists and your fav women and femme identifying artists: KAMAIYAH SOLANGE SYD SZA FLORENCE + THE MACHINE COURTNEY BARNETT MITSKI and more!


Zainab Feroze

This show sheds light on the experiences of first-generation Americans on everything from the awkwardness of eating foreign lunches in kindergarten and dating life (or lack thereof) to more serious issues of sexuality, religion, patriotism, and overall identity. In a time of heightened xenophobia, GenOne serves to illustrate that first-generation Americans — with the same hopes, fears, and dreams of any other human being — are America too.

The Gentleman from Missouri Has the Floor

Matthew Trunko

Join the gentleman from Missouri as I take the floor to present some of the greatest songs of the past and relate them to events of today. Enjoy a lot of classic rock with a little bit of blues, jazz and talk. I’ll discuss the music, my personal experiences with it, my perspective on it as a pianist and related history and current events. I often welcome guest host to floor from various states and parts of the world to get their own perspective on the music. Click here for details on weekly show themes.

The Graveyard

John McMahon, Tanner Garrity, Max Capizzi

Hey Man!

Cole Trudo, Owen Moore

Owen and I quickly bonded in our freshman year over our eerily similar taste in music. We became interested in exploring how both of our music tastes evolved over the years and finding out where they diverge. Our show is a mix of playing songs we love and talking about them and just generally nitpicking things. Although there is no real consistent theme outside of us playing music every time, each show does generally follow a certain type of music- or at least some sort of frenzied path of music we manage to link together in the time the last song played. Tune in to hear some good old fashioned banter and nice tunes.

The Hike

Alex Bernauer

“THE HIKE” will begin its journey each week by choosing a different city/state and playing contemporary indie/alternative artists from the chosen cities as part of a hypothetical road trip around the United States. All good road trips include a historical aspect of the current location, and to replicate this essential part we will have a classic jam of the week from our visited city. As we progress through the trip, listeners will be able to gain a musical roadmap for up-and-coming artists and hopefully avoid the dreaded stale roadtrip playlist. Each stop along the trip might contain a memorable live performance that occurred in the destination even though the artist did not originate from there.

the HITz

Hilary Rizzo, Isabella McClelland, Tara Mathias-Prabhu

Hil, Iz, and T bringing you all the music we think should be hits but aren’t yet for reasons unbeknownst to us. Ride with us on a rollercoaster of soul, alternative, and rap. If the sound waves still flow, another day another mix.

i found it at a thrift store

Hanna Chan

What’s love and where can we find it? Each week I want to look at different conceptions/manifestations of it, talk with some funky & vulnerable people about it, maybe even figure out how to love (sup Lil Wayne!), and play some smooth, sultry tunes that make me (and hopefully you) feel things.

Insert Name Here

George Ferridge, Brendan Kelly

The name of the game is to find a name. George Ferridge and Brendan Kelly set out each week with some talking points based on their lives or current events with the goal of coming up with a title for the show they just made. Conversations lead to tangents, and tangents to entirely new discussions.


Yeon Cho, Luan Tian

Listen in to Ivy-less for a diverse array of care-free music, from indie rock, to classical, to LCD Soundsystem. We feel that Georgetown students are under too much stress. We know how to meet deadlines, worry about our GPA and grades, and stress endlessly over career options. But sometimes, we all need to relax, chill out, and vibe to some jamming tunes. So, every week at the same time, we offer an escape from the contentiousness of politics, the lofty expectations of professors, and the awkwardness of networking. Tune your [internet] radio, and enjoy the cathartic relief of good music.

Jams with Jam

Jamal Jaffer

Welcome to Jams with Jam hosted by Jamal Jaffer (maybe known as DJam *that sounds cheesy*). A short break in the day where you can relax, kick back, listen to some sweet jams with new music and classics that shaped the music we hear today. Jam’s got it all so stay tuned!


Hugh MacKay, Miller Bartosz, Robert Kem

Hugh, Miller, and ROB assemble once a week to discuss entertainment, politics, and sports. We will share our opinions on films, shows, performers, sports, politics, and the comedy industry and even get into analyzing very important issues like climate change or the obscure list of world records held by Bear Grylls (first person to circumnavigate the UK on a Jet Ski??) through a comedic lens. Rob will get angry. Tangents will be followed. We may also have the occasional comedian, filmmaker, writer, or foremost authority on quicksand as a guest on the show.

La Hora del Pueblo

MJ Nebreda

Latino vibes both old and new with a little bit of African and African American music.

Let’s Break Up

Julia Yaeger

On Let’s Break Up, for the first half of the show we play songs from your favorite bands that have split up, and we follow them in the second half with those artists’ solo projects. We’ll take you from feeling nostalgic about your favorite, now broken-up group to bopping your head to their solo ventures. In between the songs is a discussion on why the bands broke up, some reasons factual and some conspired. At the end of the show, we give a few recommendations for other, similar bands that are still together who might fill the void for your long-lost favorites.

The Lazy Square Ups

William Sardinia, Olivier Malle, Cass Boehm

Owns multiple dogs

Mac ‘n Cheese

Rachel Eshelman, Madeline Taub

Turning literary works into auditory masterpieces since 1996.

Molly & the Percocets

Molly Dunlap, Katie Schluth, Ava Rosato

Just three bitter broads shouting into the void.

The Monarchy

Victoria Ferrigno, Charlotte Lee, Lizzy Blumberg

Music the queen pregames to.


Meena Morar

Are you in the need for some serious chill bops? Did you miss out on a concert and want a play by play of the best moments? Well, you’re in luck…MP(3)M is a show which allows Meena’s mind a microphone, and she’s filled with passion for the music world as whole. Sit back, relax, and listen to the alternative music (and multiple anecdotes about the artists).

Música para los Muertos

Gilbert Saldana, Aleida Olvera

DJs Gilbert and Aleida grant listeners a two hour blend of R&B and and modern punk/emo tunes with Spanish spice. The perfect show for those who need a good cry, but also want to dance to some great music.

Play It By Ear

Sabrina Landegger, Catherine Cral, Charlotte Moore

We play it by ear.

Rimmed Glass Hats

Kevin Berning, Noah Ramsey

Join your two very confused hosts as they find their way through the worlds of music, politics, and whatever it is that’s going on with the world.


Robert Frants, Quincy Tichenor

Play songs and analyze their lyrics, with discussion of current events and guest speakers.


Courtney Lee, Emily Greffenius

Ever wondered what would be the background music in the movie montage of your life? Or tried to find that perfect song to match the news, weather, or world around you? On Soundtracked we do exactly that: play songs that accompany our most ridiculous stories, existential musings, and unexpected tangents. Tune in as we musically decorate our own lives, from the mundane to the philosophical and everything in between.

STDs: Sophia & Tim’s Discussions

Sophia Busam, Timothy Ring

If you have ever pondered where Kumbaya came from, whether or not the Dodo deserved to go extinct, or if the better half of Simon and Garfunkel was indeed Art Garfunkel, then it’s time you get yourself checked — checked for STDs: Sophia and Tim’s Discussions. STDs is a talk radio show built on a fluffy layered cake of whimsical debate and classic as well as alternative rock jams, frosted with the freshest notes of reggae and folk, and topped off with a sprinkling of smooth jazz. In Ina Garten’s words, “grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal… And STDs is the ultimate comfort radio show.”

Sunday in the Park with Georgetown

Gabe Berkowitz

Sunday in the Park with Georgetown is two hours of musical theatre celebrating shows from Annie to Zorba. I’ll play some showtunes, discuss the latest theatre news, and maybe you’ll even learn something new.


Sarah Mathys

Bringing southern rock jams and indie vibes to the Northeast, this Austinite is playing every great artist you’ve never heard of. Tune in weekly to South by Northeast and feel like a native of the music capital of the world.

Trash Talk

Tresslar Talk

Charlotte Tresslar, Catie Tresslar

Do you consider yourself a nostalgic person? Feel like taking a nice stroll down memory lane? Did you, too, have a painfully awkward middle school past swagged-out in exclusively Abercrombie and Fitch? Join Hoya Sibs Charlotte and Catie Tresslar for weekly flashbacks to our unconventional childhood, focusing on stories from a different year from the late 90s to now. The biggest pop hits from each of these years will also be featured between memorable childhood stories throughout our show. There WILL be call-in commentary from our parents (former hippies turned cogs in the corporate machine) and a guest star sharing their own story from the year-of-the-week each episode. Join us for two hours of laughing, fighting, and the best boy-band tunes of our time!

Under the Radar

Max Kim, Miranda Reid, Ariel Chu

Returning for a seventh season, DJs Max Kim, Miranda Reid, and Ariel Chu bequeath unto you “Under the Radar”, a talk and music show where we bring you songs, facts, and events on campus that you may not have heard about. We da best…music

Underground Alliance

Vibes Cartel Radio

Jeremy Silas, John Finlay

Best hip-hop on campus with a dash of pop culture and everything NBA.

The Wave

James Hunt

When you ride the Wave, space and time collapse before your eyes into a chaos unbeknownst to your sensory faculties until the very notion of self becomes obsolete and the only grip to reality remaining is the beating of your own heart and the primal urge to survive then explore then create. The Wave is an examination of house and electronic music over the years and into the future, drawing from the works of industry giants and emerging artists alike, all in pursuit of musical purity.