“Bathroom Bitch” – HOLYCHILD

HOLYCHILD’s newest single “Bathroom Bitch” is the NSFW sex-positive pop anthem of 2018.

GWU alumni’s Liz and Louie have been returning to the music scene with a string of single/music video releases this year. Building up to their upcoming sophomore album due in spring 2019, The embracive angsty track challenges gendered double standards regarding sexual expression. “It’s so common for men to speak like this, but when it comes out of a woman’s mouth it’s another story,” says Liz in a promotional email.

Earlier on their mini-tour, the song was introduced into sets as a song that might not see the light of day due to its explicit nature. They note the risk of losing fans and brand sponsors with the release of “Bathroom Bitch,” however emphasize on the need to release a statement-song like this. “We won’t get too much press because of the content which is part of that double standard and we’ll need a grassroot movement to show people that women are just as powerful as men!” (Liz).

The sexually assertive tracks was released alongside a classic HOLYCHILD-style music video (directed by Liz) — With colorful visuals and sexual innuendos, Liz and Louie stand naked in the outdoors to mirror the duality between mother nature and sexual expression.

“Bathroom Bitch” is available to stream on all music streaming platforms. Watch the music video for the new single below!


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