Billy Strings is Bringing Bluegrass Back

Bluegrass is back, baby.

Billy Strings’ live show last week made that abundantly clear. The young artist sold out The Anthem on November 13th and played a set unlike any other bluegrass set. Billy Strings highlighted songs from his latest album, Renewal, his Grammy Award-winning project, Home, and covers of songs that shaped his music career. 

Billy Strings is an incredibly talented musician and has a strong stage presence. From the first song to the final chord of the concert, Billy Strings had the crowd jumping up and down and dancing. Even though The Anthem is a large venue, Billy took several breaks in the show to talk to the audience and connect with them. The whole event felt like a jam session with the band, despite being several hours long and in a huge venue. Billy Strings and his band have a way of making the crowd feel special, nostalgic, and welcome in the space.

The visuals at The Anthem are always stunning and match the artist well. Instead of putting a spotlight directly on Billy Strings, the lights followed the rhythm of the music. One of the most unforgettable performances was his cover of Doc Watson’s “The Train That Carried My Girl From Town.” The flashing lights paired with Billy Strings’ energetic playing made it feel like there was a locomotive barreling straight into The Anthem.

The audience was a mix of young and old, proving that bluegrass is not just for the older generation. Billy Strings is doing wonders for the genre by bringing a young twist on classic music. His energy is unforgettable.

Listen to Billy Strings on Spotify here.



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