“Goodbye”- Who Is Fancy

Little is known about the artist who goes by the name Who Is Fancy. It is not even known whether the artist’s name will stay as Who Is Fancy. (Both the artist and manager have referred to the artist as just Fancy, whether it is to save space in 140 character tweets or because of something that is to come is unknown.) It is speculated that the artist is a joint venture between Dr. Luke and Scott Borchetta, both of whom are big names in the music industry. Scooter Braun, who is famous for bringing Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen to the mainstream spotlight, is the artist’s manager. This is all that is known about the artist. The mystery surrounding the artist has gained a great deal of attention in the music world.

Although, “Goodbye” is Who Is Fancy’s only song there is already a massive amount of hype surrounding the artist. Everyone wants to know who is the voice behind the name Who Is Fancy. The suspicion of who the artist is has begun driving critics and fans insane. In an interesting marketing ploy, which plays off the suspicion, Who Is Fancy’s instagram, is filled with images of everyday people stating why they are “Fancy” using the hashtag #IAmFancy.

“Goodbye” is a breakup song that leaves nothing to be desired. It perfectly showcases the emotions of saying goodbye to an ex. The track went straight to radio before being exposed online, which is extremely rare in the case of a new up-and-coming artist.

Lyrically, the song is simplistic, yet beautiful. Each lyric flows perfectly into the next, almost as if they were a stream of consciousness. The first lyric of the song draws the listener in with the words, “I was a hot mess in my Sunday best.” The chorus builds up with heavy background vocals and the lyrics, “You won’t ever find nobody else like me!/ I know that I can find somebody/ You won’t ever find nobody else like me.” The lyrics, although somewhat simple, are presented in a way that showcases the vulnerability and emotion of the breakup.

The ambience of the song is entrancing. Who Is Fancy’s vocals are captivating and filled with emotion. The layered choruses give the song an intriguing dynamic and add to the overall feel of the song. Although it is a breakup song, its production gives the song an upbeat and uplifting feel.

It is extremely rare for so many industry power players to join forces behind an artist. However, with Who Is Fancy, this is exactly what has happened. Who Is Fancy’s entrancing and alluring pop sound is sure to attract attention, along with the mystery of who is Who is Fancy. Whether the name of the artist behind Who Is Fancy is revealed or not, the world will be hearing a lot more of Who Is Fancy in 2015.



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