“Heart Attack Kid” – Bass Drum of Death

Bass Drum of Death is a stellar American garage-rock band out of Oxford, Mississippi. Their debut album, GB City, was released in 2011 and has several rowdy rockin hits, including my favorite, “Heart Attack Kid”. From the get-go this song is filled energetic guitar riffs and upbeat drumming that give it an intense ra-ra party sound. Roll down the windows of your car of turn the volume up. The jammin’ verses and climatic chorus supplemented by the band’s signature “ah ah ahhhs” in the background make this song supremely catchy. The final guitar solo followed by a sudden fade out create the perfect ending to this chaotic rush of melody.

If you like what you hear, check out the rest of GB City, as well as their self-titled second album, Bass Drum of Death. 


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Camille Hankel

Camille is a sophomore in the College studying Math and Computer Science. She enjoys folk rock, punk rock, and indie, and most all, pretending to know how to play these things on guitar. Camille is a co-host of her radio show The Underground Alliance, which airs Thursdays at 8:00am.

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