Hit Like A Girl’s Newest Single “Monsters” is an Anthem for the Forgotten

Hit Like A Girl’s newest single, “Monsters”, came out on March 16, 2021. “Monsters” is the second single shared from their third album, Heart Racer, which will be released on April 2nd through Refresh Records. The song features Bartees Strange, who recently released the critically acclaimed album Live Forever (2020), on vocals and synth. Together, Nicolle Maroulis, Hit Like A Girl’s frontperson, and Strange have created a surprisingly upbeat song that grapples with loneliness and depression.

The song deals with issues of abandonment, isolation, and feeling forgotten. Maroulis sings, “I can’t believe it’s December again / It feels like I never left my bed” followed by, “All my friends are moving on / And making something of themselves.” These lyrics are especially relatable during the COVID-19 pandemic, where people have felt more physically and mentally isolated than ever before. Although the lyrics are hard-hitting, the synth, drum, and guitar instrumentals give the song a hint of optimism. At its core, “Monsters” is sad but singable, an anthem for everyone who has been feeling forgotten. 

“Monsters” is accompanied by a music video featuring Maroulis camping in the woods. In the video, they encounter an electric phantom during a psychedelic experience. Check out the full video below along with Maroulis’ nonprofit No More Dysphoria, which helps non-binary and trans people fund their transitions.

Stream “Monsters” on Spotify here.

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