“If You Wanna Stay” – The Griswolds

If you ask the person next to you what they think of when you say “Sydney”, they might answer “Sydney, Australia”, “Sidney Crosby” or even “Sidney Poitier”. But for today, let’s focus on the first one. Hailing from Sydney, Australia—land of golden coasts and unofficially topless beaches (I’m looking at you, Bondi Beach)—The Griswolds brought their upbeat indie energy to the 9:30 club this past Friday as they opened for Walk The Moon.

Their most recent single, “If You Wanna Stay”, mixes synths, guitar riffs, a jaunty piano in the background, and a relentless beat, drummed by Lachlan West in a hockey jersey who looks like Mumford met the Musketeers but, god, homeboy makes it work.

Their debut album, Be Impressive, does what it sets out to do. It’s impressive. Chockful of sunny-sounding guitar riffs and Robyn-esque dance synths, The Griswolds’ music is fun and all about “…melodies, big hooks, [and] choruses you want to singalong to,” says frontman Chris Whitehall.

Signed with Wind-up Records, an indie rock label, The Griswolds’ “If You Wanna Stay” delivers a single with dance floor energy that encapsulates their overall depth and musical personality. So if you wanna stay in DC this summer, you can check out The Griswolds on June 19th at U St Music Hall.


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