Niykee Heaton @ 9:30 Club

At first, the few people in the audience and Niykee’s lack of energy disappointed me. However, I realized that there probably weren’t many people because it was a Tuesday night. Niykee didn’t help raise the energy level of the crowd, either – she seemed lacking in confidence, but as the night went on, she surprised with an increasingly positive performance.

Rocking a strappy black body suit, a jean jacket, and a barefoot aesthetic, Niykee sang some of her old songs, a few acoustic songs, and new songs that she has yet to officially produce. All of her songs allowed her to flaunt her incredible vocals. Then, as fans expressed their love for Niykee, she began to gain more confidence and became more interactive throughout the concert. She began to remove her layers until she was only sporting her body suit and tights. With this confidence, she began to perform her infamous dances that made the audience go wild as they cheered anytime they caught a glimpse of her prominent butt.

As I began to leave the building, the small crowd began to shout, “EN-CORE! EN-CORE!” Surprised to hear this uproar from such a small crowd, I turned around and came back, wondering if Niykee had another song. She stepped back on stage with a wide grin as the music for her final song began to play, “NBK.” This last song was short, but sweet, leaving the crowd satisfied.

I look forward to hearing her new songs on Spotify once they’re officially released!


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