Panhandle EP, Shotgun Rider

It was two years ago that Logan Samford and Anthony Enriquez first came together as members of the band Seven Mile South. Seven Mile South didn’t last, but Samford and Enriquez have. The north Texas duo formed the contemporary country group Shotgun Rider and released their first EP last March. Shotgun Rider has an interesting sound comparable to that of a more traditional Swon Brothers. The group’s sophomore EP, Panhandle, was released on February 19th and is absolutely worth checking out. The four track release highlights the smooth sound of Samford’s vocals and the impressive songwriting ability of Enriquez. The album’s strongest tracks are “Just a Little Bit” and “It Won’t Matter Anyway”, stories respectively about finally making that first move and subjecting yourself to an empty, addictive ‘relationship’.

Shotgun Rider is still largely unknown, but expect Panhandle to gain some positive press as the group has a sound that country radio won’t be able to ignore for much longer. Check out their self-titled debut EP for more Shotgun Rider!


  • Rob Iannaccone

    Rob Iannaccone is a senior in the School of Nursing and Health Studies majoring in human science and minoring in public health. He's just a jersey boy who loves his country music. He does not drive a truck. Listen to 'The Country High' Tuesdays from 6-8pm

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