Playlist: La Vie Français

Bonjour!! Studying French and don’t know what to listen to? Eating a baguette with cheese and wine but can’t find the right playlist that fits your vibe? Here is the playlist for you! This playlist includes a mixture of some excellent French artists, including Stromae, Cœur De Pirate, MIKA, Carla Bruni, Nekfeu, and many others. Even if you don’t speak French, these songs are great to play when you just want a change of pace or to dance without the burden of actually listening to the words. Well, without further adieu, voila mon playlist!

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Maddy Taub

Maddy Taub

Maddy Taub is a senior in the College majoring in History. She loves hanging out in random cafes and bookstores around DC and petting dogs on the street. Hit up her radio show every Monday from 2-4pm.

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