Playlist: Pregame Gold

There are tons of pregame classics, like “I Love College,” by the King of the game Asher Roth. But there’s also a lot of absolute pregame gems out there that you may not have heard, or may have simply forgot about. So grab some solos, clean up your room 5 minutes before, and throw on these jams.

#1: “We Rise” – San Holo
“We Rise” is an awesome effort from San Holo, combining both a positive and upbeat synth track and good house drops. Perfect way to kick off the vibe.

#2: “Attak” – Rustie (feat. Danny Brown)
“Attak” is the best kind of Danny Brown. His crazy lyrics are enhanced by a classic edm beat. No one can sing along but that’s kind of the point.

#3: “Lotta That” – G-Eazy, A$AP Ferg, Danny Seth
“Lotta That” is a swaggering song with an awesome hook. Guaranteed to immediately boost the confidence and swagger of everyone in the room.

#4: “Come Get Her” – Rae Sremmurd
There are a ton of Rae Sremmurd songs that could be thrown on at a pregame that would sound great, but “Come Get Her” has a great blend of upbeat vibes and enough speed to keep the pregame jumpin.

#5: “Febreeze” – Jack U, 2 Chainz
“Yeah I’m the sh*t if I do say so myself … Yeah i’m the sh*t i should have febreeze on me” … what more is there to say. That’s the hook. 2 Chainz stays killing hooks.

#6: “Wild for the Night” – A$AP Rocky, Skrillex
The swagger of A$AP Rocky mashed up with the awesome dirty beats that have defined Skrillex makes this a huge banger. Tom Haverford approved.

#7: “U Mad” – Vic Mensa, Kanye West
Vic Mensa is one of the first artists to straddle the divide between hip hop and edm successfully. But no one cares because this song is too good for them to notice. If you aren’t jumping up and down during the chorus of this jam you should get checked out.

#8: “All Gold Everything” – Trinidad James
The most “throwback” song on this list, “All Gold Everything” will have everyone super pumped swaggering out the door towards the actual game. This song will make sure your pregames aren’t a one hit wonder, like Mr. James.

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