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America is great. Foriegn places are great too. That is my eloquent intro to this list of killer songs made by foriegn artists. I’m going to stick to mostly hip hop/ house music, because these genres tend to be more geographically distinct. And at this point, more than 50% of alternative music is coming out of Europe.

P Money – “Slang Like This”
This song is an awesome combination of cool British words, a dope beat, and MC bravado. Its the opposite of, and would be killer on a workout playlist. Bonus points because P Money has shoestrings in his hat

Devlin – “Community Outcast”
Certainly not a party banger, Devlin’s flow has the chop of his East London accent but a smoothness that ties his verses together. His stories are reminiscent of Joey BadA$$ with a Kendrick or Killer Mike -style political motivation. Definitely worth a listen.

Foreign Beggars – “Contact”
“Grime” is a genre emerging in the English music scene and this group could be the bridge it needs to make it mainstream. Powerful lyrics combined with a super bass and synth heavy house beat make this song the English banger your ipod needs.

Nach – “Efectos Vocales”
Spanish is tough to understand, even as someone who is in Intermediate II. Listening to this song makes understanding not even an option. Simply listen to the awesome syllables and vowels. I don’t get it but it’s awesome.

Enrique Iglesias – “Bailando (English) Ft. Sean Paul – (Matoma Official Remix)”
Enrique Iglesias is Spanish and Sean Paul is the least Jamaican looking Jamaican ever so this song is super foriegn. The Matoma remix is pretty chilled out which is nice, especially considering the original is lowkey a banger (if you claim you don’t dance during that chorus of “Bailando”s you’re a liar).

Skepta – “Shutdown”
Back to basics confident rap, Skepta boasts his way through this cool no frills hip hop track.

Tinie Tempah – “Pass Out”
Great song to just kick back to, especially if your a big fan of chilled out synth and lowkey rap. Tinie is from the Sudan but relocated to South London as a child, which no one ever knew when “Written in the Stars” came on the radio back in the day.

Labrinth – “Earthquake”
The only British pop star on this list, Labrinth’s smooth with a hint of gritty voice lends itself perfectly to this track’s dubstep/pop beat.

PS. If you want a lil’ British rap history check out MF Doom.

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