Preview: Uniform, Portrayal of Guilt, & Body Void @ DC9

Uniform is playing with Portrayal of Guilt at DC9 Nightclub on October 23rd with Body Void opening. The concert centers around Uniform’s fourth and latest album, Shame. Michael Berdan (vocals), Ben Greenberg (guitar, production), and Mike Sharp (drums) strain struggle through an industrialized mill of grating guitars, warped electronics, war-torn percussion, and demonically catchy vocalizations to tell about the static state of antiheroes.

Portrayal of Guilt joins this tour in celebration of their second album, We Are Always Alone, which explores eternal isolation and grim inner thoughts. The album was written ahead of schedule when their 2020 tour was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It continues the band’s gritty punk sound, which fuses various styles from metal to screamo with industrial samples.

Body Void will open the concert with music from their latest album, Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth. Written in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album addresses the state of America with the background of a decaying earth. 

Get tickets for the show here.

Listen to Uniform here.

Listen to Portrayal of Guilt here.

Listen to Body Void here.

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