Review: At Union Stage, Aidan Bissett Brings Together His Past and Present to More Than Justify His Future in the Industry

On October 23, Aidan Bissett graced Union Stage for Supernova, his first headline tour. Following the release of his third EP, Supernova, Bissett announced the tour and played sold-out shows at almost every venue. Anticipation for the beloved indie-rock artist built long before he stepped onto the stage, with fans lining up outside the venue over two hours before the start of the show. We were met with helpful and kind employees who only increased our excitement for the performance to come.

Once inside, I awaited eagerly by the barricade, admiring the spray-painted Supernova sign that hung just feet away from us on stage. Finally, the strobe lights of Union Stage turned blue, and Bissett, alongside his drummer and bassist, emerged from backstage to the already cheering crowd. Swinging his guitar over his shoulder, the iconic first few chords of “All That I’m Craving” entranced the crowd, ready for the night ahead.

After the opening number, the musician jumped into his songs “Out of My League” and “Ultraviolet” while the crowd sang right back to him. He then put down his guitar to welcome his fans and chat with the audience. After reminiscing over his first ever live performance at Union Stage, he proceeded to put on yet another memorable show.

Bissett continued the night with the upbeat “I Can’t Be Your Friend.” He moved through his set, playing one of his iconic songs, “Twenty Something,” and following it with a tune from his new EP, “Wish it Was Me. The show was interactive for Bissett’s fans. During “A Song For Her,” the singer had the fans participate in the song’s hallmark chorus: a cathartic scream. He stood right in front of the barricade to share the moment with everyone in the venue.

Much to our surprise, Bissett branched away from his pre-released setlist. He took us back to his first EP with “Dumped” and dipped into his own classics with “Worst Girls of All Time.” Switching between singing, dancing, and playing the guitar, Bissett never failed to bring life to his already lively music. He then topped off this trip to the past with “More Than Friends” and “Different,” two songs that arguably jump started his career just two years ago.

As the show came to a close, Bissett began accepting gifts such as signs and bracelets from the crowd, and, in return, offered guitar picks and setlists. His final song, “Tripping Over Air,” had everyone jumping, and Bissett even directed a mini mosh pit in the crowd to get everyone comfortable dancing along to his music. The show ended with an invitation for everyone to meet him at the merch table to chat and receive autographs.

From his strong vocals and catchy lyrics to his fun stage presence and care for the audience, Bissett truly is a star to look out for in the future.

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