Special Announcement- WGTB Quarantine Content

The disruptions to student life in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have affected all of Georgetown’s student organizations, and WGTB is certainly no exception. Over the past few weeks the WGTB board has been working to devise new ways for our membership to stay engaged now that we unfortunately can’t broadcast as planned. As such, over the next few week’s we’ll be posting reviews, rankings, and other articles written by our DJs while we’re scattered around off campus. We’re lucky to have the members we do, and while we wish that they could enjoy a full semester of broadcasts and events, we’re thrilled to be able to stay active in these unforeseen circumstances.

We hope you’ll enjoy the content we’ll be posting here over the next weeks. WGTB will be back in its normal form as soon as possible, and until then we’re proud to be able to provide a forum for music writing in Georgetown. In the meantime, please keep up with WGTB on Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to stay safe.

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