The Eagles and Steely Dan Present “The Long Goodbye” in Hollywood, FL, on March 2

On March 2, legendary rock band The Eagles––with special guest Steely Dan––will take the stage for their second night in Hollywood, Florida, at Hard Rock Live. “The Long Goodbye” tour, which is billed as the Eagles’ final tour, has been continuously extended since its start in September 2023. It now spans into Europe throughout the summer of 2024

“The Long Goodbye ” officially closes the book on the Eagles’ over half-a-century work in rock and roll, ending their tenure as one of the most famous and successful American bands of all time. Founding member Don Henley is joined by Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt, who joined the band in 1975 and 1977, respectively. Vince Gill and Deacon Frey perform in replacement of late guitarist Glenn Frey, who passed away in 2016. The tour is not to promote new music, but instead reminisce upon the extensive discography of The Eagles from their work beginning in 1972. Many greatest hits are supposedly on the docket, like “Hotel California,” “Take it Easy,” “One of These Nights,” and “New Kid in Town.” 

However, The Eagles are not playing alone, but are also joined by Steely Dan. Unlike The Eagles’ traditional Americana rock and roll sound, Steely Dan takes a different approach to the genre – they incorporate more jazz, Blues, and R&B influences to create their signature sound which is now put into the genre of “yacht rock.” Donald Fagen is the last original member of the band, and he is continuing his legacy as keyboardist and vocalist on this tour with classics such as “Aja,” “Dirty Work,” and “Reelin’ in the Years.” 

“The Long Goodbye” is joining the forces of two rock legends, making a lasting impact of their legacies for audiences today. It takes the smooth, jazzy tunes of Steely Dan and the ballad-and-guitar-riff-filled sound of the Eagles and puts them together for a night to remember. 

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