Uniform, Portrayal of Guilt, & Body Void Kill It at DC9

Uniform, Portrayal of Guilt, and Body Void rocked DC9 nightclub last Saturday, October 23rd. From the beginning of the concert, the bands brought their familiar metal sound to the club. Since DC9 is a smaller venue, fans were able to get up close to the bands and be fully immersed in the punk experience. The three bands tackled human struggles during the pandemic by expressing deep emotions in their music, making the experience at DC9 all the more intimate.

Body Void’s latest album Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth (2021), written during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, addresses the decay that has manifested in nature as well in human relationships. Will Ryan, leader singer and guitarist for Body Void, filled the venue with his unique vocals as the band blasted their classical metal sound.

Portrayal of Guilt took the stage with new hits from their latest album We Are Always Alone (2021). The drums shook the venue, the vocals were gritty, and the guitar riffs had the audience banging their heads to every beat. Listeners can definitely hear the time-honored screamo influence, but with sampling additions added into the mix, the band’s sound was unlike any others.

By the time Uniform started, the venue was packed with fans, all bouncing to the beat and loving the metal atmosphere. Uniform promised the story of an antihero who couldn’t redeem himself, and they delivered. Their set told the story of loss and struggle with no hope of ending the pain. Fans were taken along this intense journey and stayed at the venue long past the concert’s end to discuss the music.

All three bands had stunning performances, bringing classical 90s punk into new age modernity all in one show at DC9.

Listen to Body Void on Spotify here. Support them on Bandcamp here.
Listen to Portrayal of Guilt on Spotify here. Support them on Bandcamp here.
Listen to Uniform on Spotify here. Support them on Bandcamp here.

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