Wednesday at 9:30 Club 1/25

Wednesday is playing the 930 Club 1/25 following the release of their album—Rat Saw God—which came out in April of last year. Pitchfork describes this album as the reason why “they’re one of the best indie rock bands around”. The lineup consists of Karly Hartzman on vocals, MJ Lenderman on guitar, Xandy Chelmis on lap steel, Margo Schultz on bass, and Alan Miller on drums. When Rat Saw God was released, it was met with critical acclaim from the music industry and fans alike. Tracks like “Turkey Vultures”, “Chosen to Deserve”, and the eight minute “Bull Believer” all serve as testaments to the dynamic country slash punk style Wednesday has come to be known for. These, among other hits from their catalog are sure to be crowd-pleasers at the latest sold out-stop on the Rat Saw God tour: Washington, DC.

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