Your Friend Noah B Interview

Name: Noah B

Age: 25Born in San Antonio Texas, but grew up and currently live in Fishkill, New York

How and when did you get into making music?

I always loved music from a very young age… I took piano lessons in like elementary school, but it wasn’t until i was around 14 that I started writing and recording raps. I made like 3 mixtapes as a senior in highschool, but after a while i was having trouble figuring out what i wanted my “sound” to be so i got a cracked version of FL studio and started trying to make beats. fast foward 4 years and here we are. except now i use ableton lol.


What are some of the inspirations that influence your music?

music wise: Portishead, Burial, Flying Lotus, and 808 Mafia have had the biggest influence on me musically.

aside from that all my inspiration really comes from my personal life and the emotions i experience on a day to day basis. alot of the creative process for me is about putting out music that conveys the feelings i cant explain with words.

Was 2 0 8 0 8 something you had been planning for the past couple of years or was it more recently that you decided to complete the album?

i have been working on tracks for over a year trying to get an album together but only in the past 2 months did everything suddenly click and the vision became clear


Do you consider the boo laugh as your signature thing or just video game samples in general?

its actually a “Poe” laugh from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but everyone thinks its a mario “boo” ghost lol. it definitely is my signature although im starting to use it less because people alot of people caught on and starting stealing it.. you know how it goes

Is the New York music scene something you see as influential to your music?

not only influential to my music but i wouldnt be where i am now without having been a big part of that scene. for a year or so i was just making beats in my bedroom, but after i released my cassette project “Awakening Power” with Paxico Records i started playing a lot of shows and meeting other artists. Finding a community of people who appreciated my art was the most important thing for me and it made me feel much more confident in my abilities

Anybody you hope to collab with in the future or are you trying to be a lone wolf?

there isnt anyone i would say im really dying to collab with, but id love to work with Drake, Tinashe, Future, OG Maco, PartyNextDoor, Makonnen, BONES, and some other artists

Do you see yourself as a musician, artist, or producer? Potentially all of the above?

i would say an artist. but  truthfully i see myself as a human being first. I try my best to distance myself from being labeled as any one thing in particular. I want people to identify me by who i really am and not just what i do. although what i do does define me in a way i guess lol but i never wanted to be looked at as “noah the rapper” or “noah the producer” i just want to be noah.


Your Instagram is pretty artsy. Is photography something you wanna pursue along with music?

i took photography in highschool and photography has always been a passion of mine. its more of a therapeutic thing than something i want to make money off of. but i would love to be recognized for it!


Favorite album of all time?


Burial – Untrue

if you’ve never heard it i suggest you get your hands on it ASAP



You can check out Noah B’s new mixtape 2 0 8 0 8 now via his soundcloud page





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