20%, Maria Bamford

If you have your own Spotify and Netflix, then la-dee-da Mr. Richie Rich – how do you prefer your caviar?  If you are using a friend’s account, then kick them off so you can listen to comedian Maria Bamford’s new comedy album 20%. Since her last album Ask Me About My New God (2013), everyone’s favorite voice artist has turned the lemons that life has thrown at her into lemonade – take that, Beyoncé.

In the often self-deprecating album, she jokes about her recent marriage, her three very obese pugs, her parents (complete with perfect impressions), the movie War Horse, and is brutally honest – and extraordinarily funny – about her diagnosis with Bipolar II. Some might wonder how one is able to take the very serious topic of a mental breakdown and illness and find humor in it. To get your answer, you will have to listen to it for yourself.  You can find all of her albums on iTunes or Spotify. You can also watch her unique show, Lady Dynamite, which is loosely based off her fight with mental illness and her triumphant return to the LA comedy circuit, on Netflix, along with her specials.


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