Preview: Wet @ 9:30 Club

“Who are you going to see?” “Wet.” *Inquisitive stare* “They have a weird name, but they’re really rad, I swear!”

Really, they are, I promise. Enough so that the trio out of Brooklyn sold out U Street Music Hall in January days before their full-length freshman album Don’t You even dropped. An avid fan at the time, I held off on tickets, because there’s no way my little known indie band would sell out, right? Wrong. Even as DC was in turmoil post-snowstorm of death, fans still packed U Street Music Hall for the $15 show. But if you missed out ten months ago, don’t worry – $25 tickets for their 6pm show on November 17th at the 9:30 Club are still available.

The electronic indie pop band is held down by the astonishingly crystal clear vocals of Kelly Zutrau. From the faster, more upbeat and R&B influenced “It’s All in Vain” and “Body” to the slower and delicate “These Days,” Zutarau’s voice can command over a wide variety of the unique sound mixes and instruments that Wet experiments with. While often such attention grabbing vocals can prove a let-down in live performances, Wet’s live Spotify SXSW album promises that the strength of Zutrau’s vocals are no joke. Frankly, I’m not expecting an upbeat, feel-good show. Don’t You is, as my mom would call it, a good break-up album. Lyrically, “All the Ways” captures with precision the insecurities of a relationship, and (arguably the band’s most upbeat song) “Dreams” starts off with the line “Some days just aren’t good for anything at all.” It goes up from there, but you get the point. This might not be a show you get to fist pump at, but Wet’s all too accurate lyrics, Zatrau’s voice, and the really unique sounds the band produces might pump some life into you.

Don’t be a me, guys. Don’t put off seeing them.

Photo from Wet’s Facebook page.

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