Bombadil @ Songbyrd

My introduction to Durham-based band Bombadil was very welcoming on Saturday night. They played a sold-out show at Songbyrd in Adams Morgan. It’s a small venue, and a beautiful space with fairy lights decking the ceiling.

I went to the concert with two of my friends, one of whom is the cousin of the drummer for the band. This was Bombadil’s first official concert on their tour for their newly released album Fences, which they recorded in San Francisco. It’s also the first time that they are venturing abroad to tour in Europe. I was curious about where the name “Bombadil” comes from, and found out that he is one of the characters in Lord of the Rings. Bombadil is always singing, which suits the band. (That’s not to say that everyone in the band has read all the books, but I won’t name names.)

The venue was packed, and everyone was very excited about the band. They played all eleven songs from Fences, and the audience sang along to most of them. Their harmonies live were just as good, if not better than those recorded. Even though their set up is relatively simple (four guys on two guitars, a bass, drums, sometimes keys), they are able to produce a rich sound. They also have great stage banter, talking about who they wrote their songs about, or about how they miss their dogs.

Next time Bombadil rolls into town, I would highly recommend getting a ticket to see them perform.


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