Breakfast for Dinner, Ten Story Treehouse

Formed out of bad habits and the desire to never work a desk job, Ten Story Treehouse is an instrumental trio from Newark, Delaware. Comprised of Jake Schnetzer (drums), Joe Lamarra (bass), and Brady Lyons (guitars and piano), the band made its debut New Year’s Day 2015 with their demo Breakfast For Dinner. Influenced by greats such as American Football, This Town Needs Guns, and instrumental powerhouse Explosions In The Sky, Breakfast For Dinner has something for everyone. The three-song demo is built on a pleasantly balanced harmony, more drums than you ever knew you wanted, and the sort of melodies you just can’t get out of your head even after you’ve listened to five or more Taylor Swift songs. Palatable and light, Breakfast for Dinner keeps it dancey, upbeat, and just good old fashioned fun. The real audiophiles out there will appreciate their surplus of time signature plays and instrument technicality. The band is hitting the studio again on September 14th to record new songs “Catherine Zeta Jones” and “Dublin Donnybrook” for their next release that will be out in time for the holidays. Ya heard it here first!

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