“Crash and Burn” – Thomas Rhett

Country artist Thomas Rhett has always leaned more towards the pop country sound showcased on his first album, It Goes Like This. However, his pop leanings have become even more apparent with the release of his latest single, “Crash and Burn.”

“Crash and Burn,” released this past Tuesday, has shot up the iTunes’ country chart this past week, and with it’s infectious country-pop sound, the song is sure to gain more attention from the likes of both country and pop radio.”Crash and Burn” has that crossover appeal that brought songs such as “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line widespread commercial success outside of country radio.

Rhett has stated, and proven on many occasions, that Bruno Mars is one of his musical inspirations. He released a cover of “When I Was Your Man,” and performs “Uptown Funk” at his live shows. “Crash and Burn” greatly shows off Rhett’s Bruno Mars- influences by creating a more pop-R&B sound, while still staying true to his country roots. The experimentation taken on this song allows Rhett to showcase his various musical interests.

Jesse Frasure and Chris Stapleton, who also sings backing vocals, wrote the song. The lyrics are very catchy and portray the demise of the relationship the song is about quite well. Rhett sings, “I know you could probably tell me right where I went wrong/ Some guys can’t have all the luck, if others don’t sing sad songs.”

“Crash and Burn” showcases the funkier, pop direction Rhett’s still untitled album is likely to take. Although many traditional country fans might not find Rhett’s new single to be their cup of tea, the reaction surrounding “Crash and Burn” has been resoundingly positive. It will be interesting to see if Rhett’s sophomore album contains more of the pop and R&B influences found on “Crash and Burn.”



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