“Dream” – Cro


German rapper Cro is making his first foray into the English-speaking world with an updated version of his 2014 single “Traum” — or “Dream,” as we now know it. You can think of him as the Vater of Raop, or what he’s christened the mixture of rap and pop, in the German music scene. “Traum” reached number one in the German music chart last year, which reflects the catchy danceability of his tracks. (Who said German rap had to sound aggressive?)

While “Dream” translates well into English, both lyrically and musically, there’s something that gets lost from the rhythm of the lyric delivery across the different languages. The minute change is difficult to pinpoint for non-German speaking listeners for whom “Traum” is their first impression of Cro. It sounds a bit tamer due to the lack of certain sounds in English that are present in German — read: the arguably harsher sounds of German… — that packed a punch in the original version of the track and propelled it to the top of the music charts. In English, the song doesn’t seem much like anything out of the ordinary.

Ultimately, “Dream” should be seen as a way to gauge your interest in Cro’s work. The track isn’t a good representation of his musical abilities. Instead, it’s an excellent way to test the waters and introduce Raop to a new musical market. Give it a listen, but make sure to check out his German discography as well.


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