“Huarache Lights” – Hot Chip

With its toes dipped in Daft Punk’s funk legacy, Huarache Lights beams with electronic regality and pushes the borders of atonality with clashing synth lines and vocals. The break halfway through pushes the song forward with the help of a stately keyboard line, but leaves the track asymmetrical and lost. It might be said, though, that this lack of trajectory is simply the point. By throwing a wrench in structural soundness, Hot Chip shines light on the complex harmonies and ranges in timbre that might otherwise be overshadowed. Check out the mesmerizing music video.





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Natasha Janfaza is one of the few on Georgetown's campus who sports a pixie cut and Doc Martens. She studies something along the lines of music and the brain, and enjoys a good dose of espresso, punk, and some Schoenberg when she's feeling fancy.

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