“Feelin’ Lovely” – Connan Mockasin and Dev Hynes

I’ll start this off by saying that I have a humongous musical man crush on Dev Hynes. He’s just so cool and he hangs out with really cool people and wears really cool clothes and makes mellow synthy music and it’s all just great. Apparently he has been a huge admirer of psychedelic pop artist Connan Mockasin for a very long time, so, naturally, I’m a fan of him as well. Myths 001 is a collaborative EP from Mockasin and Hynes that brings together the groovy influences from both and results in a subtly fantastic experience. “Feelin’ Lovely” is, in my opinion, the standout single from the EP; the beauty of it lies in how there really isn’t much to it, it’s simply a background beat that lulls you in and a few lines of lyrics. The whole song is really an experience, a view into some groovy other world.




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