Shakey Graves @ 9:30 Club


Shakey Graves sold out not one but two nights at DC’s 9:30 Club. And he has a long line of sold-out shows on the horizon. After witnessing Sunday night’s performance, it’s not hard to understand why.

Alejandro Rose-Garcia brought his own unique blend of blues, folk, and rock to the stage, all the way from Austin, TX. And only when experiencing it live do you realize how innovative his sound really is. While I can’t speak for Monday night, Sunday was pure Southern gothic. I may be the last of his listeners to realize this, but his lyrics toy with some incredibly dark themes. And the harder, brooding edge he brought to his live performance made his songs all the more ominous. That being said, he never lingers more than a moment before dropping back into his driving, intricate guitar lines. Like any good storyteller, he kept his momentum – and our attention – straight through to the end.

Shakey Graves opened the show solo with “Roll the Bones,” and ended it with an encore performance of “Late July.”


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