Joanne, Lady Gaga

Mother Monster is back in the spotlight! The international pop star Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, has officially released her new album Joanne.

As most of her music and extravagant outfits have underlying meaning to them, in her new album, Lady Gaga wants people to make a journey back in time to when people had true relationships and social lives without digital barriers. She wants people to return to the human connections that many people can’t seem to have in this day and age without their phones. In addition, she wants to connect to her fans on a deeper level through her music and incredible vocals.

Lady Gaga named her 2016 album Joanne in honor of her aunt Joanne who died of Lupus at 19 years old. With their melancholy and country rhythms, “Joanne” and “Angel Down” seem to truly reflect Lady Gaga’s longing for the aunt she never met. These slower rhythms seem to creep into the listener’s soul and allow the artist to connect more with her fellow monsters.

“Hey Girl,” featuring Florence Welch, has an Elton John sound and speaks specifically to girls. Lady Gaga and Florence Welch work together and uncover their friendship through this song focusing on not feeling lonely.

In other songs, such as “Dancin’ In Circles” and “A-YO,” Lady Gaga reminds her monsters of her pop beginnings. With their fun and upbeat tones, Lady Gaga returns to her roots with sounds from ARTPOP.

Overall, Joanne is a new sound no monster has heard before, and, as a result, this may be one of her best albums yet. This unique album makes the listener feel as though they are driving through country roads in a beat-up truck; life can be short and we need to enjoy the ride.

Photo from the Lady Gaga Facebook page

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