Last Dragon, Sisqo

Grammy nominated R&B veteran crooner Sisqo returns to the music industry after a 14-year hiatus with the third installment of his “Dragon” trilogy Last Dragon. Unlike his previous musical efforts, Sisqo opts to take the independent route for the release and promotion of Last Dragon. The album is led by two singles: club banger “A List” featuring Waka Flocka Flame and power ballad “Lips”. The single selection is quite appropriate for ushering the vocalist back into onto the R&B scene, especially “Lips” which displays Sisqo’s powerful vocals that he’s known for throughout his catalog. “A List” introduces him to the new generation of R&B fans which may not be fully familiar with his music.

Despite the hype surround Sisqo’s comeback album, Last Dragon is a collection of predominantly uptempo, sexually charged club tracks with dated, unimaginative, and overly  cliche lyrics. It is apparent that many of the album’s songs were written years ago with over simplistic and outdated terminology. Every typical and overused metaphor relating to love, relationships, or sex is utilized on this album. Although the track production is phenomenal, the vocal production is subpar on a quite a few songs including the album gem “Monsta”, where fifty percent of the chorus is incoherent due to the vocal layering and slightly slurred speech. Sisqo is one of the best male R&B vocalists of all time, but this album is a tremendous disappointment because he chooses to take the gimmicky route and hide behind auto tune on certain songs. Last Dragon falls in line with other R&B artists that are in the beginning of their careers, not suitable for a veteran. To make matters worse, Sisqo’s group Dru Hill is featured on the last three songs of the album offering nothing more than background vocals. This project would’ve been best suited as a mixtape instead of a commercial release because it honestly isn’t worth the money that fans are spending on it.




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