Magic City Hippies @ Black Cat

Florida band Magic City Hippies came to D.C. last week for an exciting night at Black Cat. Black Cat was the perfect venue for the concert – cozy and intimate but with enough space for lots of dancing. From the first minutes to the very end, this was one of the most fun concerts that I’ve experienced.

Opening for Magic City Hippies were Broke Royals and allthebestkids, who played for about 45 minutes each. Broke Royals, a duo from Washington, D.C., started off the night with an acoustic set that got people up and dancing. Philip Basnight and Colin Cross have only been playing together for three years and have already toured extensively across the East Coast. They played a bunch of original songs along with “I Won’t Back Down” as a tribute to Tom Petty. You can check out their music here. After Broke Royals came allthebestkids with a crazy and energetic performance. Also originally from D.C., they lit up the audience with their “pop, soul, hiphop and psych rock” routine and their glittery capes. It was really great to see everyone getting into groove – everyone was enjoying themselves, and it was clear that the band was having a blast as well. Everyone got to let off a bit of steam with a community scream after allthebestkids played their song, “Drumpf Logic.”

Magic City Hippies came on around 10:30 with smiles that never left their faces. Playing songs from both their old album, Magic City Hippies, and from their newer LP, they had the full attention of the audience. Frontman Robby Hunter worked with some very cool voice effects, and drummer Pat Howard and guitarist John Coughlin were both on top of their game. There wasn’t much glam, but it also wasn’t necessary. The crowd was going wild (apparently most of them had also been at the Magic City Hippies show the night before in Boston) and the band was engaging with the audience pretty well. After the show, they hung out to sign T-shirts and CDs and to have a drink downstairs. The vibe was great the whole night. I will definitely be going to see them the next time they are around.

Magic City Hippies are working on a new full length album, so keep an eye out!

Photo credit: Susanna Herrmann

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