Playlist: Beach Vibes

Sun, surf, sand, and kickin’ it. Summer 2016 will be awesome. And to help you forget about the fact that February is closer than July, heres some summery jams to close your eyes and listen to while pretending you’re at the beach.


“What I Got” – Sublime

Sweet acoustics, casual lyrics, and a laidback positive vibe that everyone wants while on the beach.

“Breakdown” – Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson can make or break a beach experience. Too much Jack and the vibe gets a little too lowkey, but just enough and he adds the perfect touch of upbeat acoustic sound.

“Bowl for Two” – The Expendables

Not gonna say what this bowl is for, but this song is totally a beachy, tropical vibe.

“Love is My Religion” – Ziggy Marley

No Bob on this list, I know. But Bob is really straight up Reggae and his songs often have a political message that can’t really be appreciated at the beach. That’s why I picked Ziggy. He’s got the reggae sound, but a bit more laid back.

“Here I Am” – SOJA

SOJA is a bunch of white guys singing reggae music because they smoked a lot of weed in high school. Its still sick, toss it on when the suns out and the sands hot.

“Floats My Boat” – Aer

To be fair, this song has nothing to do with the beach. In fact, its about rooftops. But the sound is awesome for the beach because of the laidback beat and the relaxed lyrics bumping just enough to keep your beach crew up and going.

“Sober” – Childish Gambino

Gambino has songs that work for almost any situation. This is my best bet for the beach, however “Pop Thieves” would also work (both are a bit in-the-bedroom-esque though, although this less so).

“Love is Overrated” – Shwayze

I asked one of my best friends what songs he listens to on the beach, and of those this was the one I liked the best. S/o to Braum.




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