Preview: Friko, The Slaps @ Pie Shop 11/30

When you first look at Friko and The Slaps, you could feel like you’re seeing double. But while it might initially seem that way, you definitely won’t be hearing it. As the groups began their joint tour across the US, watch for this Wednesday on November 27th, and join co-headliners The Slaps and Friko for a standout night of Chicago bred-and-born music. 

The Slaps is a trio consisting of bassist and vocalist Ramsey Bell, guitarist and vocalist Rand Kelly, and percussionist and vocalist Josh Resing. The group met at DePaul University, first crossing paths at a party. From there, the group has grown and shifted, experimenting with music production and genre classification on their 2019 EP, A. Despite their fluidity, one concept remains throughout their discography; pastoral music, defined as “the notion that collaboratively using the available resources can produce stunning results”. 

Friko, much like The Slaps, is also a trio based out of Chicago, Illinois. However, Friko leans heavier into the indie-rock genre, and focuses instead on pushing the boundaries of vocal and instrumental collaboration. The band includes frontman Niko Kapetan, Bailey Minzenberger and Luke Stamos. The band’s 2022 EP release, titled Whenever Forever, testifies to the impressive range of the group’s experimentation, with hard-hitting hits like “IN_OUT” juxtaposing the more soul-stirring songs such as “Half As Far”. 

The co-headliners will be joined by opening act Violet Evergreen, a grunge-hardcore group from the local Maryland area. Pie Shop’s doors open at 7:30 P.M., and the event begins at 8:00 P.M. 

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