For over a decade now Pierce the Veil has held its own as one of the most creative bands in post-hardcore, consistently delivering astounding quality not just in songwriting and lyricism, but in production and live show dynamics as well. Their most recent album, Misadventures, which was released to critical acclaim in May of 2016, is a testament to their growth as artists over the last several years.

Collectively, the San Diego-bred quartet has always stood a head above the rest, able to maintain a singularly affable, down-to-earth demeanor while also delivering incredible music to a fanbase that extends from fans of rock to pop to metal. Not only that, but in a world of individual rappers and tour DJs, production duos and endless one-off collaborations, Pierce the Veil is a band in the truest sense, inseparable friends and passionate songwriters as well: the Brothers Fuentes (Vic: vocals & guitar, and Mike: drums) side by side with the unbelievable talent and energy of Jaime Preciado (bass) and Tony Perry (guitar). Their music varies by album, ranging from melodic hardcore to heavy metal to pop rock, but there remains, through it all, an inextricable element of rawness. These are hard hitting tracks . . . coupled with lyrics that can cut straight to the heart if you give them so much as an inch. Listen to any record on any album and you will hear power, dynamics, and emotion in its most untouched form.

PTV is joined on the We Will Detonate! tour by one of the most enduring mainstream punk rock bands of the last twenty years, none other than Sum 41. Icons in their own right, the Canadian group, on the heels of 2016’s Grammy-nominated 13 Voices, will be brought their characteristically loose (and no doubt nostalgic) show to the Fillmore Silver Spring on Wednesday, May 3rd. We came in expecting high volume, high energy, and, well, given the incendiary tour name . . . pyrotechnics of some kind. Let’s just say no one left disappointed. Here are some of the highlights:












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