Preview: Snail Mail at DC9, 2/13

On Tuesday, February 13, indie rock sensation Snail Mail (Lindsey Erin Jordan) will take the stage at DC9 Nightclub for a cathartic night full of beautiful instrumentals, deft guitar playing, and carefully crafted lyrics that pull at listeners’ heartstrings – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Snail Mail’s two stunning studio albums Lush (2018) and Valentine (2021) explore what it means to love. She centers intimacy, vulnerability, and honesty in her work as she takes listeners on a journey through love and all the beauty and pain it brings. Lush is a comforting companion to those suffering from intense yearning. This album is a slow, painful exploration into the unrequited love that plagues many. While Snail Mail’s lyrics are heavy and difficult to emotionally internalize, her soft instrumentals coat listeners like a soothing balm to counteract the pain of her words. Valentine follows a failed love, pulling listeners through the five stages of grief as they move through the tracks on the album. If Lush is dejected and soft, then Valentine is angry and impassioned. Throughout the album, she reminds listeners that there are new possibilities available once they are able to piece together the shrapnel of their psyche that their ex-lover left behind. Snail Mail wants to communicate that part of what makes love so beautiful is its impermanence. Her recent release Valentine (Demos) drives this reality home, making it an excellent companion to her two albums.

While Snail Mail’s show at DC9 is currently sold out, you can join the ticket waitlist here and follow along with the rest of her tour here.

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