Preview: Snail Mail @ Bulldog Alley


It’s never easy getting back into the daily grind of work this time of year, but WGTB has the perfect cure for any of your September woes: Baltimore-based indie rock band Snail Mail will be right here at Georgetown on September 22nd for a DC-students-only concert at Bulldog Alley. Coming off the release of Lush, their first LP, this past June, Snail Mail has been lauded by reviewers and is set to tour venues from New York to China in the coming months. Tickets are only seven dollars and will not be sold at the door, buy them here and be sure to check out Snail Mail’s music.



Photo Credit to WGTB Promo Department

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  1. Kirk Brown

    I know you said DC students only but the drummer’s parents are both Hoyas living nearby in. Would you please make an exception and let us buy tickets if it’s not going to sellout otherwise.

    Thank you

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