Rolling Stones Confirmed to be Working on New Album

Ronnie Wood, guitarist in the legendary classic rock group the Rolling Stones, confirmed this week that the band has begun working on a new album. The Stones, who just wrapped up their historic visit to Cuba, haven’t released any new records since 2005’s A Bigger Bang. Despite most of the band being upwards of age 70, they continue to tour extensively, selling out arenas around the globe. The release of the yet unnamed album will provide them with some exciting new material to please crowds with, and will probably be followed by a massive world tour.

Mr. Wood shared some details about the record in an interview with the Associated Press this week. “We went in to cut some new songs, which we did,” Wood admitted, “but we got on a blues streak. We cut 11 blues in two days.” He went on to add, “They really sound authentic… When we heard them back after not hearing them for a couple of months, we were, ‘Who’s that? It’s you.’ It sounded so authentic.”

Wood also shared that the album should be released sometime this year, which gives fans a lot to look forward to. Other members of the band have been more secretive about their future plans. Keith Richards, lead guitarist for the band, gave some hope to fans back in October during an interview with Rolling Stone after his release of his solo LP, Crosseyed Heart. When asked about a new Stones album he reluctantly claimed, “I don’t know where, and I don’t know when yet, but yeah.”

Time will only tell what else the band has in store.



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