Interview: Alaina Moore of Tennis

Husband and wife indie pop duo Tennis has been in the music business for 7 years. Since making their debut with Cape Dory in 2010, they have continued to make their mark in the music world through touring and additional releases. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are the epitome of hard work and positive work relationships. They have had amazing hits such as “Cured of Youth,” “My Better Self,” and “I’m Callin'” – my favorite of their older tracks.

Now with the release of their latest album, Yours Conditionally, the duo has decided to go on tour once again. Every single song on this album resonates with me, but a few particularly striking tracks are “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar,” “In The Morning I’ll Be Better,” and “Matrimony.” I was lucky enough to speak with Alaina Moore about the new album and her own artistry in an interview. Listen below!

The duo played a great show on March 19th at the 9:30 Club, and they’re continuing their North American tour through May. Find out if they’re coming to your hometown here – and if you can’t check them out in person, stream their newest album below.

Photo Credit: Tennis Facebook Page

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