Preview: Rural Alberta Advantage @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Acclaimed rock band Rural Alberta Advantage will play Rock and Roll Hotel with opener Yukon Blonde this Monday, Nov 6, at 8 pm. The two Canadian groups promise grit, angst and driving guitar lines from north of the border. 

RAA is known for its gritty sound and passionate vocals from lead singer Nils Edenloff, who delivers a uniquely personal twist to each song. Listen to their top five Spotify songs for a good sample of their work. My favorite song of theirs is “Terrified” of their album Mended with Gold.

Should be a great show, eh? You can get your tickets here.


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Austin is a student in Georgetown class of 2020 studying Culture and Politics in the School of Foreign Service. He DJ's a morning reggae show for WGTB called "Sketchy Gretchen" and enjoys reggae, rap, classic rock, punk, alternative, indie and a slew of latin genres as well. Austin is also a proud native of western Colorado.

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