“Pristine” – Snail Mail


Nothing beats the solemn instrumentals and honest lyrics that the indie rock band Snail Mail has to offer. Lindsey Jordan, a Maryland native and recent high school graduate, is following up her self-recorded EP Habits (2016) with the release of her new single “Pristine” off her debut album Lush.

“Pristine” is a raw and relatable track. The song is heartfelt and emotional about the “other.” And yet, with the heartache and distress vocalized within the song, there’s a sense of maturity lingering throughout the experience. Though separating from someone you have strong interests towards is tough, the circumstances of the inevitable separation is accepted.  The repetition of the words “anyways” throughout the first two verses of the track mirrors the mental and emotional tug-of-war you’d experience when trying to convince yourself you’re over that person that you’re clearly not over yet. A familiar takeaway from “Pristine” is its longing for normalcy. The relationship that exists after the lustrous turmoil, if any is left, is all that matters – and there’s nothing that can be done to change the situation. All that is sought out for, at the end of it all, is some closure. 

“If it’s not supposed to be
Then I’ll just let it be
And out of everyone
Be honest with me
Who do you change for?
Who’s top of your world?
And out of everyone
Who’s your type of girl?”

To pinpoint why the title track is called “Pristine” can be tricky. Lindsey could still be maintaining her pristine condition, understanding well enough how she operates and how she won’t change for anyone. What’s pristine about the narrative of the song could also be the “other.” Her lingering infatuation with them will be unavoidable, where she would “see [them] in everything, tomorrow and all the time” because of how perfect they might have been. Nonetheless, all that might have been pristine was what they once were in the first place, in which Lindsey hopes to recoup some sense of emotional regularity with it all.

“We can be anything
Even apart
Out of everything
It doesn’t have to be this hard
I could be anyone
But I’m so entwined
And out of everyone
Who’s on your mind?
No more changes
I’ll still love you the same”

Snail Mail’s debut album Lush is set to release in June, with a full headlining tour scheduled around the nation. They’ll also be making two stops nearby; June 12th at the Black Cat (Washington, D.C.) and July 12th at the Parkway Theatre (Baltimore, MD) for their album release party. Tickets are available through Ticketfly. Listen to their single “Pristine” down below:


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