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If you have been to see Maroon 5 on their Overexposed World Tour or their V Tour, you will have heard of Rozzi Crane. She was a guest on the Overexposed Tour and one of the opening acts on the V Tour.

Rozzi Crane is a LA based singer songwriter and the first artist signed to Adam Levine’s record label 222 Records. Crane blends a mix of R&B, pop, alternative, and rock to create a sound all of her own. Her EP Space does an exceptional job of showcasing her lyrical and vocal ability.

The first song off the EP is “Psycho.” The song is filled with chanting lyrics and vocals. The song is filled with relatable lyrics about being yourself and not listening to others. Crane sings, “It’s my life, it’s my voice, it’s my mind/ I can do what I want, all I want/ I don’t have to ask you.” Crane shows off her vocal ability with crazy runs that occur throughout the song.

The next song “Crazy Ass Bitch” is a faster paced song that flips the gender stereotype by making the guy the “crazy” one in the relationship. The song has an electronic production that has been heard many times before. Although the song falls short in terms of production, Crane shows off her vocal ability yet again by hitting incredible notes.

“Painkiller” is a duet between Crane and her mentor, Adam Levine. Crane sings the verses, while Levine sings the choruses. Their voices complement each other in an unexpected way. Lyrically, this song is beautiful with lyrics such as, “Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll fix it like that/ Oh, there goes the pain/ I can be your Codeine anytime you call me/ I just wanna hear you say/Ain’t nothing else to take it.” Crane’s ability to fill her words with emotion and vulnerability add the depth the song needs to command attention.

The last song off of the EP is titled “Half The Man.” This song is stripped down to just Crane’s voice and a piano melody. The lyrics showcase the heartache Crane is feeling about the relationship she is singing about. Although simplistic, the song is the most powerful song off the EP.

Space perfectly showcases Rozzi Crane’s artistic ability. Her edgy pop rock beats paired with her soulful voice and lyrics put her in a league all of her own. Her ability to display her emotions and vulnerability through her voice is unparalleled. With her musical ability and the backing of Adam Levine, Rozzi Crane is destined to go far in the music industry.



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